I purchase all of my packing materials from locally-owned small businesses.

I hate to add plastic to the local landfills. I know our community is fighting hard not to have one installed here, and it's a shame to have to devote so much beautiful land for that purpose. I endeavour to use paper packaging wherever possible. However, I also do not want your pottery and other breakable items to arrive damaged. When your gift set is going by courier, I may sometimes include bubble wrap on delicate items. I do, however, reuse packaging from things that come into my home, and solicit the same from friends and neighbours. As much as possible, I am reusing plastic packaging that has been used already, and I encourage you to do the same! 


Delivery can be made within HRM for $5. Choose "local delivery".

Otherwise, I use a Nova Scotia-owned courier company within the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario whenever possible.

Within the Maritimes, delivery can be as early as one- two business days. In Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario, delivery is 3-5 business days (depending on remoteness of location).

West of Ontario, I use Canada Post shipping. Please take note of their policies and dates when placing your order. I cannot guarantee delivery dates with Canada Post.

If you've shipped anything using Canada Post or a courier, you know that shipping is crazy expensive. I offer flat rate shipping of $12 across the country, which is a bit less than half of what it actually costs in most cases. I want to share the shipping cost with you so that it's accessible to everyone.


I am unable to offer refunds or exchanges if there is something you do not like. If something arrives broken or damaged, please send photos and I will happily replace the broken item. Any other issues, feel free to contact me.

The Nova Scotia Road Trip Subscription Box

Subscribers are billed for the first box when you complete purchase. That box will ship on or about the 21st of the month approximately 6-7 weeks later (depending on when you purchased). This means that you will pay for 2 boxes before receiving your first box. This is simply by nature of the fact that the artisans are making items just for you, and many need plenty of lead time to complete their craft.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you are required to do that by the 15th of the month before you wish to stop being billed (if you are due to be billed on 1 Sept, you should cancel by 15 August). You will, of course, continue to receive boxes that you've already paid for (so in the example above, if you cancel by 15 August, you'll still receive the Sept box, because you paid for it at the beginning of August).

Due to the surprise nature of the box, I am unable to offer refunds or substitutions of products that do not suit you. Hopefully you can find someone to gift it to!