About Us

I love supporting local.

I love beaches and live less than 10 minutes from some of my favourites: Lawrencetown, Conrad's, Rainbow Haven, and Stoney Beaches. 

I love lupins and how they cover the hills by the highways in June.

I love hiking on the coast and in the forests. Two of my favourite hikes are the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton and High Head Trail in Prospect. I love the mudflats of the Bay of Fundy and walking on the ocean floor.

I love traveling around the province, hopping between small cafes, ice cream stands, and small roadside shops.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, but lived away for 5 years, when I married my husband and worked in Ontario. Despite efforts to adjust to life in Toronto, I became increasingly homesick. It wasn't long before we moved home, and I couldn't be happier! 


My goals.

Recently, one of my dearest friends sent me a commercial gift basket full of treats: chocolate, bark, chips, caramel corn, you name it and it was in there. It was amazing. I thought, 'wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to send a gift basket like this full of locally made treats or products?' And the idea behind Lupins and Fog was born. Let's package handmade items that we usually find at local craft markets and small shops and make them deliverable to celebrate births, birthdays, achievements, good-byes, friends, new moon, appreciation, or just to show a loved one that you've thought of them. Let's get the items made by even the smallest artisans together into boxes and baskets of beautiful and delicious surprises. I knew just where to turn.

As a maker myself, I've been around to several markets in the province selling my handmade baby and children's clothes. I met wonderful makers, and found beautiful things and tasty treats everywhere I went. 

If you love

  • unique gift items

  • locally made products

  • supporting small business, and

  • contactless, but still thoughtful, personal gift-giving

we'll have just the collection for you to give.

So many of our makers are missing out on a huge amount of their revenue as spring markets across the Maritimes were cancelled and many of the fall and winter ones are as well. Here, you can still get all the beautiful, handmade items for your loved ones. 

Especially now, let's support local. 

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